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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Chang and Goran are not tennis greats (as much as I like Goran), I also don't know what in the world is Henman doing there as a proof of tough competition.

Lendl was also at the tail end of his career when Sampras played him, it's akin to Fed beating Sampras at Wimbledon.
Well while Chang and Goran may not be all time greats they were players to be feared, especially Goran at Wimbledon. Can any player in history say they wouldn't be afraid of Goran at Wimbledon? Goran may lose but the serve is scary and he had more than just a serve. They were excellent players and able to beat anyone except perhaps if Chang played on grass. I like Goran also and I just wish I could call him an all time great.

Lendl was at the decline phase of his career in 1990 but he was 54-12 for the year winning five tournaments. It still was an excellent win for Sampras at the US Open.

Anyway while Chang and Goran weren't all time greats and while Lendl wasn't what he was I was just using them as examples of some of the tough competition Sampras faced.

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