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Originally Posted by joesucks View Post
Who rated you at 3.0? looks like you are sandbagging for now. your serve is definitely better than most 3.5's or closer to 4.0
I'm self rated at 3.0 because I have only played tennis for about 8 months now and joined my first league back in Sept 2012. The reason I think the serve looks good (as well as my overheads and volleys) look good is because I play very competitive badminton (state and out of state level). The overhead and serve is almost the same motion as a smash and as for volleys well badminton shuttles come at you quite a bit faster (because of the shorter court) so I'm used to reacting and hitting in front of me.

Backhand is ok as well because most of your other shots in badminton are backhands.

Now my forehand... that is my weakest shot by FAR! That and I'm still used to reading and dishing out spin. Whenever I try to put spin the ball just gets in behind the net. Whenever I try to hit harder it flies out the back with no spin.
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