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Actually bagged em again a couple of years ago for a few weeks, played fabulous for a bit but age and lack of fitness caught up with me because I physically can't attack the net like I used to. Quickly back to i Prestige MP's cause I can defend and attack from the baseline without loosing too much touch at the net when I do come in. I actually served very well with the 200 G's tho even when I bagged them recently but I got pushed off the baseline too much, thus the switch back. Unfortunately we all get old.....and the older we get of course the better we used to be!

I usually strung 200G with gut but like Max says when I had to cheap out and put Prince syngut in em they did not drop off much in feel. Not a string sensitive stick and thus a great choice for the cheap player that is a good athlete with net game.

Great great frames
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