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Default Parent & Tennis Coach

For those of you that serve as both the parent and tennis coach, can you share the good, bad and ugly? I'd be interested in what has worked, not worked, and what you have learned.

I never thought I would consider taking on a more active role but I'm thinking about it. I played up until college and I "was" a 5.0 level player (I don't play competitively anymore but probably still a 4.5 level). I understand the game to the extent I've been exposed (more that most parents out there) but I don't pretend to know as much as former professionals and/or the top tier coaches (for example) . . . I know what I don't know. My daughter has an outstanding coach but there's gaps in time when we can't see her coach due to weather, lack of indoor courts & traveling.

My wife and I watch all her matches so we have the best feel for what's happening under pressure when the lights go on. My thought is to be a more involved parent but seek out high performance coaches and/or experts to work on pieces/aspects of her game and then always connect with her coach when possible (the USPTA describes 5 levels of parent-coaches and I'd be close to a level 2; probably 2.5).

I live in a very challenging section and there's no full time training programs available, limited group hitting, and indoor courts are difficult to obtain in the winter months, so you have to get creative. Very few top ranked national players come out of this section so I feel something unique must be attempted . . . (until and unless we can relocate to a better section).

I'm very concerned about getting more involved but I feel there may be no other option . . . I have a great relationship with my daughter hence why I've stayed away from getting more involved but she is very driven and this is a key time in her development and the status quo is problematic . . .

any advice/thoughts/insight would be much appreciated.
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