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Well while Chang and Goran may not be all time greats they were players to be feared, especially Goran at Wimbledon. Can any player in history say they wouldn't be afraid of Goran at Wimbledon? Goran may lose but the serve is scary and he had more than just a serve. They were excellent players and able to beat anyone except perhaps if Chang played on grass. I like Goran also and I just wish I could call him an all time great..
Chang wasn't feared by the best if they were in decent form and no he certainly wasn't capable of beating anyone at their best, he was a lesser version of Hewitt who wouldn't sniff #1 if he was the same generation as Fed (Roger doesn't go on walkabout when CC season arrives), the guy's vastly overrated in comparison to players like Roddick and Hewitt (courtesy of being a player in Sampras era instead of Fed's, I'm sure he'd be called another weak era clown if he were Fed's punching bag instead of Pete's).

Goran was a dangerous opponent and a terrific grasscourter at his best but was also a huge headcase who could implode at any given moment.

Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Lendl was at the decline phase of his career in 1990 but he was 54-12 for the year winning five tournaments. It still was an excellent win for Sampras at the US Open.
Winning % and number of titles matter little when it comes to slam performances, as I said for me it was the same as Fed's win over Sampras at Wimbledon, a solid win but nothing special.
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