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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
I can see that this is complicated by the fact that the ballboy is so obviously a dick. But if Hazard had kicked a Swansea player who had thrown the ball away at a free kick or throw in he would have been sent off. So I can't see why it was wrong to send him off for what he did to the ballboy Of course he may justifiably regret not having kicked him harder.
To be fair, the ball boy didn't simply kick it away. Kicking someone under those circumstances would be wrong on every level, no doubt. To kick the ball from under anyone who was lying on it to waste time? That's different.

I think it's funny how people are saying how spoilt these top players are and their behaviour is poor. This kid is the owners son who posted pictures of massive bills he's ran up in hotels on his Dad's money. Hazard is only a couple of years older than him, has worked hard to get what he has and still drives around in a Peugeot 206. It's a shame he's being tarred with the same brush. No wonder the big players are choosing Spain over England.
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