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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Just wanted to say this is a brilliant post, best I've seen about the max200G in years!

I agree completely with this info, especially the weight of the PRO being same as normal version.

One thing though, are you saying Mac used the paintjob of the max200Gpro as shown above in the photo, in 1992?
Thank you jimbo for the appreciation!!

Yes, mac used the grafil version with the pro paintjob in the second half of 1992...I have seen many pictures showing that in the tennis magazines of the time...I dont have a scanner with me now, but maybe I'll post a couple of them, e.g of the mac ride in Wimbl up to semi that year!

A curiosity: in 1990, mac used the grafil version (non-pro) during all the year (at queens and wimbledon for instance), but at the USO he used his older "signature" model (graphite injection), which, at the time, was already out of production...again this is witnessed by many pics...
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