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Default Excuses for losing

well, lets get this going, we know the ***** will come up with some great excuses later on
Murray lose to fed: lack of match preparation, been playing during the day all the time.

Murray went to final and lose to joker:
a)he has hard draw, facing fed and novak back to back (despite not facing anybody up to semi and only spent min amount of time on court).
b) he's tired, only got 1 day break, joker got 2 day break.

Fed lose to murray: bad back (he's been using double clothing, which i assume what its for).

Fed went to final and lose to joker:
a) hard draw (somewhat true, he has to face tsonga, murray and joker, still, no excuse though)
b) he's tired, see above

Joker lose to Murray/Fed:
a) too much rest, his body is already "cool" down (pretty sure someone actually use this excuse a while back)
b) still tired from that match with Stan (yeah right)
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