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Originally Posted by ronray43 View Post
If it's an 8.0 league match and he's hitting at the female from the baseline, then that should be no problem. For 8.0 league matches, everyone expects everyone to give it their very best without anyone holding back. Going at the body is ok, as long as the intent is to jam the opponent and not deliberately them. If it's a 7.0 or below league match, then the stronger players usually hold back, particularly when the match is in the bag.
I recently watched a 8.0 mixed match at my home courts that stands out in particular; 4.5M + 3.5W vs 4.5M + 3.5W. The one 4.5 guy hit pretty much every shot right at the opposing 3.5 woman when she was at net. She did not have good reaction time and got hit a couple of times. Funny thing is she did at one point try to stand further back, but her own 4.5 partner shouted at her to stand closer to the net when he is serving.
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