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Excellent post. I don`t see how anybody could counter this arguments. The greater the field is, the tougher it is to dominate. Laver for example in the period 64-67 he only had to worry about Rosewall and from time to time with Gimeno, and past their primes Gonzalez and Hoad. From 1968 he had to face (besides Rosewall and Gimeno) Ashe, Newcombe, Smith, Nastase, Connors, Santana, Kodes, etc. Adding the famous "journeymen" to the mix as well. He tasted what a journeyman could do very quickly at the Us Open. However, he came on top most of the times against this field (at least the first 2 or 3 years of the open era), which speaks volumes of him.
Great post.And you did Kodes some justice as well...
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