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Originally Posted by directionals View Post
I was just going to bring up the Azarenka's dirty trick and you beat me to it I watched the SF and I couldn't believe Azarenka did it! Sick to my stomach.

OrangePower, the rule is 2 minutes between sets and my opponent broke the rule. The temperature on the court was in the 40's F. I had just own the 2nd set tiebreak. The dynamics were changed after the extended break. The 3rd set was a 10-point super tiebreak, not a full set.
Could well be that your opponent used gamesmanship against you - I'm not arguing that.

Just saying that you can't really compare your situation of taking an extended break between sets to Azarenka taking an extended break right before her opponent is serving to stay in the set. Let's say Azarenka had not taken the timeout, waited until the end of the second set (and lost the second set), and then taken med timeout between 2nd and 3rd sets, there would not have been nearly the same negative reaction against that.
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