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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Non responsive to my question, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. Considering this Mandlikova reply to my question about Court, Wade and Goolagong, is the only one I am likely to get, I bow in gratitude.

It is amazing how smooth Wade's serve motion was, when nothing else about her game seemed so. Evonne made everything look technically silky and relaxed. Wade made it everything seem laborious and stilted. That is a great looking serve though.
Ohˇˇ Yeah, Ginny had a textbook first serve, to me the nicest to watch in the women´s ranks during the 70´s.
Evonne was so effortless, she seemed to make no effort and yet, her first ball was deep and angled enough.

Another good server I recall was Virginia Ruzici, the romanian tennis star.Her forehand was almost as good as Barker´s, but not so solid as that of Court or Evert.
Sorry for my outburst on Mandlikova.There are few chances to talk about her over thsoe boards.
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