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Drak and others can you confirm that one of the few pros that does gut crosses is Murray? Although many of you have posted that its a waste of time and money to put gut crosses I've always gone that way and I've done it for almost 6-7 years now. I just felt like the gut always softened up my poly mains, but in a way that no other multi could do. I felt with a multi the bed would feel too powerful. I don't do it for the durability I just do it because it's the best way for me to get the characteristics of the PHT I love minus the stiffness if I were to string it full bed.

I've been using the Roddick hybrid of PHT/VS

However, I am going to listen to what many of you guys have said about doing gut in the mains and I will be trying that as my next string job. I am extremely eager to play that and see how it feels.

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I like poly in the mains better than gut in the mains. It is all about individual preference.
Absolutely agree. It is just up to the person. There is no right way. I don't believe its a waste of money/time to string the gut in the crosses. It's felt right to me forever.

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