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2002-2003 Wilson Hyper prostaff 95 (18x20)
2003-2003 Wilson Hyper prostaff 7.1 ZONE (broken)
2003-2005 Babolat Pure Drive (broken)
20052010 Volkl V-Engine Tour 10 Mid
2010-2011 Wilson Prostaff k88
2011-2012 Wilson BLX Tour 90
2013- Wilson Prostaff 6.1 90

demoed and bought but ended up hating-
2012-jan Volkl Organix 10 325 (just mucked around with)- NO FEEL!!)
2012-oct Aero Pro Drive Gt (Wilson leather grip, silicone in handle, 6 grams @ 3&9) (felt good during practice but gradually played worse and wore with it..

NOW..dont think i can change from mids.
would like to but happy with how im playing atm.
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