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Yes, I agree and no denying that the super human training has to kick in if one wants to reach the top. All I am trying to figure is when should that kick in. Should it be early and forced on the kid with the risk that the kid loses interest in no time or should it be taken up gradually as the kid keeps asking for more with the risk that he will never ask for more and be happy in his comfort zone.
I started my son early on aggressive training weights , running stairs , footwork ect. about 7 yrs old , I maid conditions he could understand at that age , if he wanted to play tennis and be on the court he had to train off court or he couldn't play tennis on court .
The longer you wait to build a discipline regiment the worse it is , we work out with a couple ex Orange Bowl Champions 12's who at the age of 16 and 17 decided to raise their training levels and after about 2 weeks of one of them training with us he threw in the towel the other didn't try .

I would share with him your concerns and thoughts and then challenge him to raising his level and slowly ad and aggressive workout system then ad and aggressive coach , most kid are not in condition to deal with all the demands of and aggressive coach therefore give up , therefore get him physically ready 1st .
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