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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Murray loses::

1. Didn't get to play any night matches prior to semi so had no time to prepare for the different conditions etc.

2. Draw not challenging enough. So not tested and battle-hardened enough.

Fed loses:

1. Didn't have sufficient time to recover from his epic 5 setter against Jo-Willy. Don't forget he's an old guy of 31!

2. Didn't get sufficient night-time matches under his belt. Heck, rumour has it that he was actually made to play during the DAY in one of his earlier rounds!

Djoker loses:

1. Conditions not ideal for him. There was a bit of a breeze blowing on court. Everyone knows his game just falls to pieces whenever that happens!

2. Too much rest after his latest quick beat-down of his favourite pigeon Dahveed in the semis. Too much time between semi and final. Not enough on-court practice to regain his rhythm and timing!

Let us just hope that we get to hear the Djoker excuses. His fans are becoming unbearable (some of them, especially the "new users"). TheF1Bob is cool, though.
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