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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Sorry I don't agree with you. A guy doesn't go from winning absolutely nothing in the pro ranks to winning 12+ amateur slams. This is just your attempt to boost the pro champions of the time.....Laver and guess who, Rosewall!
Phoenix, I don't have an pro scene agenda. I go with facts only.

Gimeno winning absolutely nothing in the pro ranks? He won nine tournaments where he beat both Laver and Rosewall and about 30 more where he beat at least one of them. In 1966 he won both big claycourt tournaments thus being No.1 claycourter of the words. He thrice beat my "darling", Rosewall in pro majors. In the first open year he beat "amateur king" Emerson 6:1 matches...

By the way, Laver and Rosewall won 8 out of the first ten open era majors where they participated even though they were seniors...

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