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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
Thanks, Pro_Tour. This is what I wanted to know. I think by the short answer, I annoyed ga tennis with the questions. Didn't mean to. Just wanted some info.

I've taken the approach of a very flexible racquet and only gut or super-soft multi to be safe, but as my son gets older I'm interested in other gear. As it is for most tennis dads, the gear is part of the fun for me.
NO problem BMC

OK, I got the stick, and like I projected even without playing it that the stick has issues with directional control when hitting flat. I noticed this especially when hitting my flat serves down the T, I could not dial in so easily as with lets say an MP with dense pattern. My 4.0 wife who plays nationals liked it. My 10 year old son did not like it, he preferred the areo lite in 3/8 using thin co-poly at low. The areo Lite is light and will cut through the air fast because of it shape, and it really plays softer than the other aero's I have tested. I really like this frame alot. As for the steam99 I had wilson 16g for free in it will cut them out tonight and give it another go, maybe I will change my mind on it. I did not like the balance and the way it swung, something about the throat shape I did not like.grip is too short for double handed players, it is too throaty if you know what I mean. it does generate mucho arch have to try it in a high level double match to give better assessment.

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