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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
FYI - Famous weightlifter from the 1970s Olympics - "Worlds's Strongest Man" Vasily Alekseyev.

Maybe some of you remember this champion Russian weightlifter prominent in the Olympics in the 1970s.

Brief history

Records and comments by contempories.

Clean & Jerk Video, includes setting his 66th world record.

Alekseyev's squat training for the Olympic clean & jerk. See his comments on the squat in training.

Squat 270 Kg, body weight about 160 Kg (350 lbs).
He squatted about 1.7X body weight to train for the clean & jerk.



I once read that he would get out of breath relatively easily climbing stairs when he was a competitor but I could not just now confirm that information searching the internet.
Several points

One of course Alexeev was on drugs. Two 270kg does not represent his limit strength, simply what he chose to train with. Obviously he is capable of far more (if you disagree with this i'd love to see an argument as to why). This is simply representative of his training methodology, not his capabilities.

Russian weightlifter Dmitri Klokov is never seen back squatting but reports are that his "max" is 300kg. In all likelihood this is not a true max as he can be seen doing a 250kg front squat with something like a 4 second pause in the hole. It's simply not a lift they train for their sport because their programming does not call for it, and the drugs they're likely on does not necessitate it.

Max Aita has squatted 302kg at a bodyweight of 100kg but his best clean and jerk was 170kg (granted at the time he made that lift his best squat was probably closer to 250kg and at a bodyweight of around 85kg)

Further, bodyweight multipliers do not apply well to heavier individuals. That's the reason why the sinclair coefficient and wilks score exist in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting respectively. There's a reason why the only guy to ever deadlift over 5xBW did it under 140lbs and the two guys that have deadlifted over 1000lbs had a multiplier of under 4xbw.
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