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Originally Posted by tennisnut123 View Post
As of right now i use two different stringers pending on which venue im at. At one venue Im using a babolat 5star an absolutely love it. At the other, im using a prince neos machine with slider clamps, and i really like it as well due to simplicity (not that the 5star is insanely advanced and is hard to use or anything). I usually Do a 1 piece job on all babs that require it with the flying clamp and around the world pattern when im stringing with the 5star and always do a 2 piece job when using the neos. I decided to snag another flying clamp to start doing the 1pc while using the neos as well.

Now i know that different people have different feelings about strings and some feel 2pc is better than 1pc and the opposite applies as well. My main question is for the people who are for stringing the ATW pattern using the flying clamp. Do you feel as though its good to use the flying clamp with the NEOS stringer with slider clamps, or just keep doing the 2pc string jobs?

I strung an aero pro lite this morning with nxt tour 18 with the flying clamp ATW pattern on the neos instead of doing the normal 2 piece string jobs that i do for this person since they always give me the "ehh same kinda string or similar string, whatever tension...I cant tell the difference" kind of response when asked how they would like the racket to be strung, and honestly...this person wont be able to tell the difference if there is one.

But just give me your thoughts on this. Would like to hear what others like to do and think is better for any reasons. This possibly should be in the stringing equip/techniques thread maybe?
Moving to the techniques forum....

I'd recommend grabbing a starting clamp rather than a flying. It sounds like it'd solve many of your problems without having to deal with tension loss on a floating/flying clamp. The only exception I'd make is if you nabbed a Stringway style flying clamp. They have better torsional resistance, IMO.
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