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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Don't get hung up on the label "beginner".
You ARE a beginner. Your backhand is working from scratch.
Most of the guys here giving advice have been playing tennis for over 20 years, some closer to 30.
And using Federer as an example is about the worst thing you can do. He talented, no one else anywhere is.
Like you want to play basketball, and use KevinDurant as your example to copy.
Ok, fair play. My backhand is working from scratch, you are right. I enjoy watching and trying to emulate pros, Fed included.

I'm pretty much just trying to strengthen my weaknesses and my backhand is certainly my weakest stroke. It gets somewhat abused when I play. I do slice quite a bit, but having a solid rally stroke on the backhand side is really the purpose here. I'm going to focus on form and drive through for now and less on supination at this stage. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and thanks to BevelDevil for the vids.
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