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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Broly

Yeah cool, I think I understand what you are hinting at. I think you are suggesting that since larger heads create much more power, you need to keep that important factor a constant to keep a level playing field. Apologies if I have mis-interpreted. But large heads don't create significantly more power, and The Power Comparison Tool, actually validates this. That is why I've intentionally pitted large heads against small heads, and stiff against flexible so that one might observe that all these factors matters only slightly, in comparison to swingweight, which is a much bigger deal. Swingweight is almost the whole deal. If you were looking to level the playing field and make this a fair fight, keeping swingweight a constant would be the way to do it. Keeping swingweight a constant is what I have illustrated in post # 134

While the differences to ACOR are slight... If you would like more clarity on how, why, and where large heads add a bit more power you could take a look at my post #126, points 3, 5, and 6.

Hope this helps

Hi Jack, I do agree that Sw is what makes the difference.
The tool however, works better when comparing sticks with the same head size.
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