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Originally Posted by johnchung907 View Post
Fellow tennis players,
Just curious to the other eastern forehanders out there. Can you provide a significant amount of topspin? Okay I'm young and most people hit with a semi-western. But I can't hit with the semi-western because if I do my wrist will start hurting over a period of time. My forehand is a pretty good shot with consistency. I do feel like though that my forehand is mostly flat and needs a tad bit more topspin. Any advice? As I mentioned before I can only use eastern for the sake of my wrist.
Assuming you have a basic WW swing path, when you want the bigger topspin it's especially important to bend your knees and keep your take back short. You want to explode up and really pronate your forearm (pronate = turn your right forearm ccw as you're looking at your own hand). The racquet has to go up more to create more topspin.

I use a very stong E. grip, almost SW, and this is something that I focus on. I can hit with tons of topspin when I do it correctly.
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