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This is a great thread. As a 4.5 tournament player serve and volley, continental grip, lots of slice from both sides, old school 62 years old..i have been practicing the modern WW forehand with a semi western the last 6 months against the wall and in some matches with mixed results..When i do flatten it out ie WTA style i like it better especially on return of serve..The excessive wrist on the WW and poly strings necessary takes a toll on us seniors..It takes a strong fast whip to hit back a high hard topspin forehand.
Another thing to address is where the player stands. Fed ,Djok, Agassi stand up on the baseline taking the ball on the rise and SNAP..
Ferrer, Murray are back further, let the ball drop a little more.
Here are 2 WTA forehands from Capriati and Hingis I'm now trying to copy Capriati Hingis
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