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Originally Posted by CEvertFan View Post
Let me clarify - I said STRUGGLED. That doesn't mean the same thing as lose. Against the better serve volleyers Navratilova faced during her career there were more than a few tight matches even if Martina wound up winning in straight sets or in 3 sets.
I think you are on the money. She did have more relative trouble with s/vers than baseliners and her passing shots were one of the reasons. it took her awhile to get them grooved. The reason she almost always won anyway, was because

1. Her serve was better than theirs.
2. her return was better than theirs
3. her volley was better than theirs
4. She had more chances to pass, because she got to all but the best volleys and approaches in plenty of time.

When you are faster and stronger, you win a lot of these battles

Ps Zina deserved that '89 Open victory, but the credit should go to her feet. Some of the fastest court coverage I ever saw, was running down Evert's best shots. Zina got everything back a la Sanchez. Evert faded.

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