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Originally Posted by canny View Post
Okay to followup with my play test the prince xp/klip combo at 50/54 played best right after being strung now after 10 days and a couple hours on the bed its like a trampoline. I seriously hated it. Nothing against your guy's advice but lower tensions are not for me. Especially gut wise. I restrung the same setup today at 58 gut and 54 poly. Played perfect.
I will say this: For years I heard people talking about low tensions, and I was thinking "They must be crazy! It would be a trampoline for me!".

Then this past fall I got a new Alpha machine with a Wise 2086 tension head (I'd been using a drop-weight for over 20 years). I strung up at my normal tensions (58 gut mains, 56 poly crosses) and my arm nearly fell off.

As it turns out, my drop weight was off by ~ 4 lbs, and I had been stringing at 54 & 52 all along.

So, my point is: Unless we are all having the same person string all our racquets on the same machine, tension is simply a reference point. It's like me telling you your car stereo sounds best at '8' because that is what I play mine at.
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