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Hey thanks for all the feedback and opinions.
I am actually a doubles specialist in badminton so hanging at the net is very comfortable for me, however I do know the shortcomings of it and I think at the 3.0 to 3.5, maybe 4.0 I can get away with it.

I played a pusher and was up 4-0 but then I tried to hit harder to close out and lost the set 4-6 (I know!). Anyhow I switched to serve and volley and I then beat him 6-1 and 7-2 in the tie breaker.

I don't think I want to specialize in ONLY serve and volley, but I do want to be comfortable with it to be able to use it. I do want to get better at the baseline as well because you kinda have to in case you have to hit 2nd serves right?

Anyhow today I went out and tried to drop my arm more and it worked pretty good. I was getting WAY more spin on the ball. I have to work now on getting that as automatic and then the next step is placement. I can hit right now "leftish" and "rightish" angles but I can't exactly aim for lines yet. I also tried more speed and it worked ok. I have to get it more under control since I ended up banging my shin again .

Today I tried to hit with the crazy nadal grip on forehand and a more standard grip as well and they both feel ok to me. I seem to expend much more energy with the crazy grip but they do have quite a bit more spin! I can't decide on that one.

Anyhow thanks for both of your views (leed and luvforty). You guys are great and have given me enough tips and ideas to consider to keep me entertained and have a plan for improvement/practice. I'll keep you guys updated!
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