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I was just about to start this thread! One that dosen't get started tomorrow is Oklahoma and I think Memphis could very well beat the Sooners.

what's interesting is that Baylor has again opted to not participated in this tournament.

Cal regional:
Cal vs Michigan will be interesting. Campbell Johnson had a couple of nice wins this past week, where will he factor in the Cal line-up? I also would not put a Santa Clara win over Michigan out of the realm of possibility.

Stanford regional:
Texas A&M will beat Stanford. Then advance because both San Diego and Tech had better teams last year.

Kentucky regional:
I think another host goes down here. Texas looks better than Kentucky right now. South Carolina and Michigan State as the consolation game will also be a good match

Duke regional:
Duke will win this but Northwestern vs VT will be a 4-3 thriller for sure. Two super evenly matched teams.
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