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I just had my first match with Babolat Tonic + Ball Feel 16 gauge w/BT7. It plays the way I expect gut to play. It's very powerful, but with the kind of feel I get from it, I don't really mind all that power so much. Stiffness is closer to Klip Legend than Pacific Classic, which is to say that it's on the stiff side for quality gut. I suppose the BT7 does make it stiffer. I'm not going to cut it, but I think I prefer Pacific Classic for the softness and controlled pace. Now that Babolat increased their prices, it's no brainer. Tonic is too expensive now for me to consider buying it in the future when Pacific has a string I like better for $6 less.

So for me, Pacific Classic is my go to string, but I will keep experimenting with similarly priced gut. Based on the reviews here, I think I'll give the black Klip Legend Tour a try. I'm also curious to hear about BB Hero.
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