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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Hey I used to played mixed doubles with my wife and she complained to me that a doubles partner of mine (female also) was targeting her face at the net when my friend played on the other side. To this day my wife can't stand it when I call her up for doubles. Fact is that she wasn't targeting my wife's face but just aiming at the weaker player.

On the other side my friend used to be a top women's double's player on the college level so we never hit at her when she was at the net. She's deadly with the volley.
Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
Uh, playing mixed doubles with a spouse/significant other isn't a great idea..

I dislike playing mixed doubles with my wife, but I would never tell her that.

Fortunately, our levels are too different to compete in leagues, so the issue doesn't really come up. Some casual mixed every now and then isn't too bad.

I really have much more fun either playing singles or regular doubles, and I don't see why anyone would willingly step down to the mixed league.
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