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Originally Posted by qindarka View Post
While Sampras was still ranked highly and the 4 time defending champion at Wimbledon 2001.
Yes, but Sampras hadn't won a tournament for quite a while. His 2001 matches going into Wimbledon left much to be desired. It was a shock when Federer beat Sampras in the sense that Sampras had been the Wimbledon champion for so long and had just been beaten, but a lot of people were saying during 2001 Wimbledon that Sampras would lose if he didn't up his game. His best tournament in the first half of 2001 was probably being runner-up of Indian Wells, where he was soundly beaten in 3 straight sets by Agassi.

Lendl, going into the 1990 US Open, was in a much better position. Lendl had won the 1990 Australian Open and the only reason why Lendl wasn't still world number 1 at the time of the 1990 US Open was because he had skipped the entire clay-court season to chill out, play golf, and practice a lot on grass in his obsession with winning Wimbledon.

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