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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I've shephered 3 kids through junior tennis. Every kid is different. The single most important thing is not to put tennis above being a parent, not to let tennis hurt your relationship. It's hard to do. A balancing act. Kid's don't like when their parents criticize them publicly. Be very tactful with the criticsm, try to frame it as a positive. However there are certain times you have to come down hard- like when you drove 4 hours Super Bowl weekend and they tanked the match. They have to understand that your time and involvement is contingent on them playing hard every ball- not on wins and losses. A concept much talked about but seldom followed by parents.
Thanks. That's great advice. We've always had one understanding and that is that she fight and never give up on the court (and in life). As to winning and losing, those are by-products and we don't talk or focus on that . . . it's about preparation, thinking, and fighting and whatever the outcome, so be it (our love is never conditioned or related to winning or losing). You are correct that you must be positive and it's a very delicate balancing act . . . thanks for the feedback.
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