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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
I noticed that Memphis and Vanderbilt are scheduled to play at Vandy on February 15th which is the 1st day of the National Indoors in Seattle so I guess neither expects to win their regional.
It's a strage date in the first place. The next day is the first day of qualifying for the U.S. Pro Indoor ATP stop in Memphis. They usually have a player in the draw with a wildcard. Just a guess, but I'm sure coaches have thought it through and the match can be canceled or rescheduled. If either wins their regional it will likely take precedence over the dual. May as well schedule a for sure match than a maybe.

Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
I was just about to start this thread! One that doesn't get started tomorrow is Oklahoma and I think Memphis could very well beat the Sooners.
Good call!
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