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Okay, I love the natural gut at 30#. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't since it is so much more expensive.

Last night was my first time playing with it and I wasn't quite dialed in with it yet. Tonight was amazing. I was able to rip several down the middle so hard that the other team could only watch. And my returns were going right back to the server with lots of topspin. It caused them some problems.

It took a few games to get my lob dialed in, but once I did, they were landing within a foot of the baseline to right on it. The shots I hit with backspin were very nice as well.

My serve seems to have lost a little of the pop I was getting with the syn-gut, but my placement is much better. It could be that I was being a little extra cautious. The nice thing was I had zero double faults.

The string movement is still very minimal compared to the syn-gut, which is nice. That is my only real complaint about the syn-gut setup.

Tomorrow evening is the first round of the tournament and I am actually excited to try the natural gut there.

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