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Default New Seeding Rules For 2014

Well, while I actually agree with the new seeding rules for 2014,
it is again a mystery to me why this is not announced and explained to the junior membership.
A google search pulled up nada.

Early in the week, a ranking went up on the National list that when I checked it,
my immediate thought was that it was full of mistakes
( and yes, folks, I have caught them in the past).
After careful examination of it, I realized it was JUST singles....
(I heard that list is already down btw.)

Then, the seeding for regionals was based on singles this week.....

So, my confusion was finally cleared up by parenting aces and one of their posters who explained:


1) Entrance into the tournament is based on a combined singles/dub ranking.
( good......).

2) Single seeds are based on singles rankings only ( makes sense) and dubs seeds will be based on dubs rankings only..

So, this is all great and finally makes sense, but shouldn't the USTA do a better job of explaining this?

I am wondering if anyone knew about this before this week?

Do I have all the details correct?
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