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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post

That's a very interesting comment you made about Kramer. I agree that is a possibility we cannot rule out. Kramer to me was a fantastic player with many weapons and a total service game that can be argued to be as great as anyone's in history. I am not quite sure what you mean by the hot end of his game.

A head to head series on many surfaces often indicates the true strength of a player and that to me is very important. To me it indicates the peak strength and consistency of a player. There are so many experts who rank Kramer as the best ever. Vic Braden, Don Budge (although Budge probably ranked Budge as number one), Sedgman and many others. Gonzalez named Kramer number one before he played Hoad so I assume Gonzalez ranked Kramer second.
Sedgman picked Kramer number one, but on consistency, Gonzales second, but in 1964 he stated that when Hoad was playing well he was "unbeatable".
That is what I mean by "peak", a great player on a hot day.
Sedgman himself had some great days where he could overwhelm Gonzales and Kramer (in Cleveland, for example, the reporter stated that Sedgman played at a much higher level than Kramer that day.)
I don't think Kramer had "hot" days, where he played "above himself", just an incredible consistency.
Riggs stated that he could beat Kramer for a few matches, but that Kramer wore him down in a long series.
Gonzales suggested the same, and seemed to have more respect for Budge.
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