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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Do string tensions as low as 30 still work with fast strokes and long swings?
I would have to say yes. My strokes are fairly fast. I have found that I have shortened my swing a little since I don't need as much energy to get the ball to go where I want it to.

I would say try it out. If you don't like it (and not everybody will), go back to the tension you are comfortable with. I tried it, and I happen to love it. Since I switched to the extremely low tension, I frequently hear how much my game has improved in a short time. Plus there are the people who don't say anything, but are now losing to me instead of beating me.

Is it strictly the low tension? Probably not all by itself. As I said earlier, it has changed my style of play a bit. I don't get nearly as tired because I expend less energy to get the same results I was getting at the higher tensions. And maybe part of it is mental. I believe I can make better shots now, and have the confidence to try. I also feel I have just a bit more time when I get to a ball because I don't have to wind up as much. I can still send the ball back at a pretty good clip, even if all I do is make contact (the pocketing is great).

So try it, you may like it. And don't just go down into the mid 40's. Go at least 35# or below. Judge your play and experiment until you find what is best for you. But by all means try it. You could be pleasantly surprised!

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