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Originally Posted by Vertiz View Post
I am not a parent but being a D1 athlete I can give you my personal opinion. If your son truly truly loves the sport and wants to play D1 tennis, let him devote as much time to the sport as possible while still maintaining above a 3.0 GPA.
Above a 3.0 is not ambitious enough. Many schools have academic merit scholarships that require a higher GPA than that. I have seen average schools that have good merit scholarships to lure good students that specify a minimum GPA of 3.5, and that is unweighted (no bonus points for AP or Honors courses).

I think the father and son need to make a BIG list of schools, including all the schools the son likes and all the schools the father likes, and look into the GPA requirements for academic scholarships, and the GPA requirements for admission (not always specified as such, but you can find out what GPAs the admittees tend to actually have, which tells you what you had better have).
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