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Originally Posted by kumar157 View Post
I want to get better perspective from parents and experienced coaches or players on a issue we are facing in the last one year.

I am seeing a clear trend when my 15 year old son plays in bullfrogs and level 1's. He starts strong and will be up like 4-1 and eventually looses the set like 7-5. In the second set he looses real bad like 6-1. His coach is saying that he is not believing in himself.

Please let us know how we can get over this issue.

Thanks in advance.
You may want to check his opponent's TRN ranking. If he lost to a boy who is higher ranked, then he actually did quite well in his 1st set. Also you want to track his match and you would know how he lost his match - his opponent overpowered him or he committed too many unforced errors. Share the stats with your son and his coach and suggest to them what your son needs to improve. Tennis Trakkar Pro is a very good app.

Also ask him if he feels tired after 1st set. If yes, you will need to ask him to include endurance training as well. I assume that he drinks sports drinks, get himself hydrated before the match; maybe eating a banana during the match would help... Pre-match meal may make difference. My son sticks with Subway.
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