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So, I haven’t given this subject a lot of thought since I started this new thread, but I recorded my strokes last week and watching them has been eye opening. It is something everyone should do, and should pretty much be a requirement to talk on the subject (I know this would have made it easier for me to understand what myself and others were talking about). When I talk about my video I know I am by no means a pro, I am a rusty 4.0 at best, but I am seeing some good stuff here and want to ramble about it

Now that I have seen my shots on video, I can say that the pronation in the take back is mostly natural for me (I am training myself to do it on every shot) and the pronation in the follow through is totally natural. I was having a hard time grasping the follow through pronation before, thinking it was a physical step in the swing and wondering when to implement it. But during the filming of the strokes, I didn’t think about doing it even once. One of the reasons I wanted to make the video was to see how my follow through generally ends up, and I got to view that plus see THAT THIS HAS TO BE WHY IT APPEARS THAT THE PROS ARE INTENTIONALLY SNAPPING THEIR WRISTS. Again, I am not a pro by any means but I saw a lot of good and natural tennis motions I didn’t necessarily know I was doing in my video, including the biomechanical signs of the SSC.

On another topic, a post by 1HBH Rocks said (referring to Fed and Nadal) said “The reason they hit with a straight arm is that they perform an arm extension in their take back while they pronate their forearm a bit.” I see truth in this when watching my video, even though it is not always the full case with the pros or me. A lot of slow motion analysis shows that Fed and Nadal don’t have the most radical take back pronations and hit with straight arms, while pros that do have pretty radical take back pronations (Nadal, Wawrinka off the top of my head) have bent arms and pros with little, if any, take back pronations (Murray, Blake, Agassi) have bent arms as well. To try to build on this, I attempted to find a correlation between how parallel the racquet face gets to the court before the forward swing and if it results in a straight/bent arm swing, but found no real pattern. Could grip or footwork have something to do with it, I do not know. As for me, on some of my shots I have a straight arm and on others I don’t, and I’m not seeing a great reason as to why. I thought it could have been about the height of the oncoming ball, but there is not enough consistency to say that is so. The most apparent thing I see (and this should also be common sense) is that when I took the ball early, I almost always had a straight arm as I am reaching for the ball, but the opposite could not be said about late/close to the feet shots. Anyway, I found this interesting and will continue to look into it.
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