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Originally Posted by KFwinds View Post
Because of issues I've had with my feet, I have bought or tried on just about everything looking for the maximum amount of cushioning. First off, the mention of Nike, Adidas, Asics, or Lotto has no place in a conversation about shoe cushioning as these brands tend to have the LEAST amount of cushioning compared to some other brands.

Now for the winners in this category: Prince (T series are my favs), Wilson Tour Ikon, Yonex, Fila, and some KSwiss models. The Wilson and Prince shoes have the most cushioning I have yet to find in a shoe. Fila's are nice for comfort but lack in stability and durability. KSwiss Bigshots have a nice amount of cushioning, they just don't fit my feet quite as well as Wilson or Prince. Can't go wrong with Yonex though; they are a fantastic all-around shoe with substantial cushioning.

Hope this helps -
Asics has no place in a conversation about cushioning? Huh? The Gel Resolution 3s and 4s are some of the cushiest things out there.

And not sure about other Lottos, but the Lotto Syn Raptor II was my very favorite shoe of all time. Pillows, but fast feeling. Just loved them. Would have stocked up but by the time I needed another pair they were nowhere to be found. The next version of the Raptor unfortunately became a skinny-foot shoe, but those Syn Raptor IIs were bananas good.
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