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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
So, I havenít given this subject a lot of thought since I started this new thread, but I recorded my strokes last week and watching them has been eye opening. It is something everyone should do, and should pretty much be a requirement to talk on the subject (I know this would have made it easier for me to understand what myself and others were talking about). When I talk about my video I know I am by no means a pro, I am a rusty 4.0 at best, but I am seeing some good stuff here and want to ramble about it

Now that I have seen my shots on video, I can say that the pronation in the take back is mostly natural for me (I am training myself to do it on every shot) and the pronation in the follow through is totally natural. I was having a hard time grasping the follow through pronation before, thinking it was a physical step in the swing and wondering when to implement it. But during the filming of the strokes, I didnít think about doing it even once.

The pronations being natural were also my experience and observation, too. That's why in another thread I was saying to ignore it. Focusing on pronation or rotation as a physical step to do would likely be detrimental and confusing.
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