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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Apart from Sukova her career records vs other top serve and volleyers dont indicate that. She is 7-1 vs Novotna and she was mid 30s for most or all of those matches. Granted Novotna should have won atleast 2 more of those that I recall her being up or having match point(s) and choked them away at the end in her typical fashion. She is 39-3 vs Shriver. She is 10-1 vs Tauziat, even if Tauziat isnt exactly a great serve and volleyer or player. She is 5-2 vs Court, playing her when neither was in their primes in 1975.

Actually the one player apart from Sukova that would support this theory is King who as 5-9 vs Navratilova but all of those matches were when King was 34 to 40 years old, and Navratilova was in or near her prime starting in late 1977. King would have led the head to head if she retired at 36, and was up 3-0 in the early going.
I too am struggling with Williams being placed in the top 5 & whilst i appreciate the arguments made for this i don't think they are enough to topple those that most include above her.
Re the Jordan match, by the time john Lloyd had asked the AELTC for a day's grace it was too late as the Order of Play had already been released. A rule that remains today.
Shes the most competitive athlete Ive ever played against, without any question.-BJK on Evert, 1987
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