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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Look, Rosewall was well past prime when open tennis arrived, and he won more than his share of Open majors against Newcombe, Roche, Ashe and other younger players.
Rosewall probably peaked in 1958-59, when he ranked third behind Gonzales and Hoad.
Think about it.
Yes I know. I have a lot of respect for the old pro because Rosewall proved how strong he was, not only in the early days of the open era, but until the end of the 70's! It is not to please Bobby that I have him in the second place of my list. But to there is a long way between acknowledging the greatness of Ken, Rod and Gorgo, and claiming the greatness of some Trabert, like Bobby does, because he defeated the top guy in a few tournaments. Davydenko won a lot of tournament too (considering the norm of the current era), including some important one, and he defeated the top guys in the process: Nadal several time, Federer, Del Potro, etc.

I can't see Davydenko as an all time great, and it seems to me that Trabert was a kind of Davydenko.
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