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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Most do place Serena atleast in the top 5. Even Navratilova who hates Serena said publicly Serena was top 5 all time after Wimbledon 2009, and she has obviously achieved a ton since then. The only players a reasonable sum of people might place above her are Graf, Court, Navratilova, and Evert. Basically nobody argues people like King, Seles, Connolly, or Lenglen being above her at this point. The only other one some argue might be Wills. If you have Serena outside the top 5 though you are in the minority, not the majority.
Sorry but i was basing my comment on those who had listed their top ten in this thread, not external commentators ie navratilova. And the majority, albeit marginally, place Williams outside the top ten. I, who have not as yet, listed my personal top ten, would not put her in my top 5. But I'll compile my list and see where she falls. But i also will put Evert above navratilova. Your previous case for this has definitely influenced me
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