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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
i compared roddick and sampras service games won at slams and in these categories

-total service games won for each slam
-round 1 to round 4 for each slam
-quarterfinal to final for each slam

since roddick never advanced past 4R at roland garros, we can leave that out (enough to say sampras has better stat at rg, 82.9% against 81.7% for roddick)

i got some really interesting results, here they are;

australian open


sampras 89.3%
roddick 90.5%

R1 to R4

sampras 90.1%
roddick 93.1%

QF to F

sampras 87.6%
roddick 82.3%



sampras 94.1%
roddick 93.4%

R1 to R4

sampras 94.2%
roddick 94.6%

QF to F

sampras 94%
roddick 90.2%

us open


sampras 91.6%
roddick 91%

R1 to R4

sampras 92.3%
roddick 93%

QF to F

sampras 90.2%
roddick 84.8%

- so roddick leads in their total at AO, and is only slightly behind at USO and W

- roddick leads at all 3 slams in first 4 rounds, even at wimbledon, and is quite better at AO

- sampras leads huge at all 3 slams from QF to F

i'll let you draw the conclusions, can't write anymore
And this is why Sampras is sitting with 14 slams and 6 year-end no.1 while Roddick is just a 1 slam wonder. Sampras serve MUCH better than Roddick in big matches where it REALLY matters.
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