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Originally Posted by Korso View Post
Anyone currently using a gut/poly setup in the 18x20? What tensions are working for you? I like full poly alot in this racket but eager to try it out with gut/poly.
Gut poly is my usual setup but I'm new to the Blade 18x20. 1st string job was VS team/4G ( 52-48 ) CP. Played well but some elbow problems. Went to 50/45 with VS/Beast. Better, but still surprisingly feels a little harsh. Maybe this is what people don't like about the new VS, but I never felt this with my softer P1, or Dunlop 400T, or BC20.

I bought a 2nd from TW used grade A, that was pre-strung with RPM Blast. Don't know tension but I estimate 45-50. It plays surprisingly soft, but balls are falling a little shorter.

Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
I have vs black mains RPM cross at 55/57 and I hate it...
This racquet played 10 times better with typhoon or 4g17 gauge
I'm thinking that the Blade 18x20 may play better with full poly - a softer and medium power co-poly at fairly low tension. I think I've got some Typhoon in my stash.....
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