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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
You're a beginner, so worry about supination later. Focusing on it now can lead to really bad habits.

Your backswing, arm structure and the timing of the step and racket drop is more than enough to occupy yourself for a year or more.

Watch these two videos and follow the advice. This instructor makes the best videos on the 1hbh on youtube.

If you stay relaxed, supination will follow naturally from this. But without these fundamentals in the video, you'll be in trouble. So get first things first.

Also, my advice on grip is to make sure you are gripping the handle like you would a mountain bike, not a steak knife.
you´re giving really good advice on the ohbh

i use the onehander since 1977, so i can honestly say, there have been many changes in technique over the years. it´s a challenge to adapt your technique to modern racquets and strings but it is doable. tennis is a game for life, and one of the most enjoyable things about it, is you can always improve

videos like the ones you linked help enormously. Christophe Delavaut is among the very best
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