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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Not different enough. Kicking someone for wasting time should see you sent off. All the same the ballboy seems a complete dick.
He kicked him? The footage shows him kicking and dislodging the ball, he didn't touch the kid. If we're treating the ballboy the same as we would a player who was time wasting, he would be the one getting a yellow card, whilst Hazard would of got nothing for knocking the ball free.

When goalkeepers keep hold of the ball after they concede and the opponent tries to get it back, that would mean from now on they would get sent off and the keeper would get away with it.

Someone at work yesterday who is known for his dislike of Chelsea (he's always fun to have a chat about football with ) was backing Hazard, even if he still hasn't forgiven him yet for not choosing Man Utd in the summer! He said if the ballboy was his kid, he'd be making him apologise and would of been ashamed of his actions. Even Swansea fans interviewed on the news yesterday were uncomfortable with it, which is great credit to them. The team have been amazing for the Premier League, it's good to see their fans aren't afraid to tell it how it is.
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