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^^ Yesterday I had one of those long rally sessions with a pair of pretty solid players, with one of them being probably the most consistent player I know. The majority of it was 15-20 shot rallies, a few longer, and no one was trying to kill short balls or volleys. Pretty interesting seeing what kind of balls affected the more consistent player who has solid topspin replies for almost everything, except: aggressive low slices landing short near the service line forced weak slice returns, very high and deep topspin moonballs to the backhand(2H) could force gross errors, some UE's against 1HBH's that I'm supposed to be transitioning away from, the few unexpected winners I hit were all 1HBH's, fast shots down the middle occasionally caused some confusion/delay, and the only times I could reliably pressure him was with aggressive court positioning - not against short balls, but rather looking for opportunities to take a step or two inside the baseline and hitting on the rise against shots that I would normally stay behind the baseline for. Moving in along with sharp angles forced short pop-ups. Without taking time away, angles didn't really have any effect with the pair of them covering the court.

When you are having these long rally sessions with the better players, do you look for opportunities to step inside the baseline and hit on the rise? What are your results?

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